August 15, 2022

Awesome Wonder is a new song from the stable of Piano Records. Peter John in this song channels God’s unspeakable wonders, power and sufficiency as a healer, deliverer, keeper and protector.

Easter reminds us of the power of the resurrection, such that when we see the cross, we are reminded of his awesome resurrection power. Dr. Paul Oluikpe produced, mixed and mastered the song from the Piano Records Studios.

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Lyrics: Awesome Wonder By Peter John

Verse 1

When I see the cross

I see freedom, Awesome wonder,eeeh.

When I see the grave

I see Jesus.Awesome wonder eeeh.


There is power in your name oh,

There is healing in your name

Awesome wonder, That’s who you are oh.


Verse 2

When I see the cross

I see healing

Awesome wonder eeh.

When j see the Blood

I see power

Awesome wonder eeeh.


No other name, like the name of Jesus,eeeh.

You are mighty God oh.


You are mighty God oh,6times.chorus.

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