August 15, 2022

YESU KO INA by Gift Jeb is a call for revival…
It came through deep meditation and hunger of spreading and proclaiming the wonders and beauty of God . it’s the reflection of what we as believers have to go through just for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and how firm we will stand to defend our God. What shall separate us from the Love of God. For we are not ashamed of the Gospel .

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Ba zan ji tsoro ba
( i will not be afraid..)
Ni da Yesu ko ina
(iand Jesus everywhere)
Ni da Yesu ko ina
( i and Jesus everywhere)
Sai da Yesu ko ina
(With Jesus everywhere)

I will not be afraid
(Ba zan ji tsoro ba)
i and Jesus everywhere
(Ni da Yesu ko ina)
I and Jesus everywhere
( Ni da Yesu ko ina)
With Jesus everywhere
( Sai da Yesu ko ina)

We’re not ashamed of the Gospel….

We’re not Afraid of the Gospel…
And we’ll not be silent…
Jesus everywhere
Even if they slay us
Persecute us …..
We’ll not be silent ….
We proclaimed Jesus…
Jesus everywhere…

Ba zan ji tsoro ba
( I will not be afraid)
Ni da Yesu ko ina
( I and Jesus everywhere)

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